About Merch Gorillaz

Merch Gorillaz is a print-on-demand company that empowers brands, national chains, schools, non-profits, and other organizations to enhance client engagement and boost brand visibility.

Branded business apparel is an effective, cost-efficient method for your company, school, or non-profit to promote its products, services, and image!

Whether our clients aim to build a powerful brand, motivate employees, connect with customers, or add a professional touch to corporate, school, or non-profit events, Merch Gorillaz's mission is to provide unique, customized solutions that ensure success in achieving those goals.

Based in Black Diamond, Washington, Merch Gorillaz leverages the power of Amazon and other print-on-demand services to create apparel and promotional items in a streamlined format.

Client benefits include:

  • Professional graphic design assistance
  • No minimum orders or wasted inventory 
  • No hassle account setup
  • Customization made simple
  • Private URL links for each design
  • No additional fees for multi-color prints
  • Revenue generating merchandise
  • Easy employee purchase options


Merch by Amazon

The term 'Amazon' is a trademark of Amazon, Inc. We use and love 'Merch by Amazon' but are not endorsed or certified by Amazon, Inc.